Church of the Holy Trinity - Guildwood
Church of the Holy Trinity, Guildwood
85 Livingston Road, Scarborough, Ontario, Canada  M1E 1K7
Phone: (416) 261-9503
This page was last updated: November 22, 2020
Hello and welcome to our first virtual Christmas Bazaar.
Click on these links below and you will go to full details of what we have to offer you:

  • SILENT AUCTION - 1st batch of 22 items now available from Saturday 7th November
  • RAFFLE - this is now available - GET YOUR TICKETS
  • CRAFTS - open on a daily basis - 12:00pm to 4:00pm

  • BOOKS - to be announced - under construction (Children, Adult, Sport, Religion)
Payment for your purchases may be made by cheque or cash when you come to the church.
Interac e-transfer is available for your purchase of raffle tickets
Check back later for other payment options that may become available
For those needing assistance on the stairs, we have a chair available for your use.
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Click here to view a short video from Denise Byard promoting our Bazaar